Split&Concat 3.0

Join and split files easily on Mac

Split&Concat is a simple but powerful tool for joining and splitting files on your Mac. View full description


  • Doesn't require any Terminal experience
  • Splits, joins and creates Pars


  • Very basic interface
  • May not split or join some files


Split&Concat is a simple but powerful tool for joining and splitting files on your Mac.

Split&Concat uses commands via Terminal in OS X to split files. If you know what you're doing with Terminal, you don't need Split&Concat. If you don't however, Split&Concat does the job for you. There are three main functions in Split&Concat: Split, Concat and Create Par file. To load a file into any one of the functions, simply drag it into the Dock icon.

Split is self explanatory. Concat is short for "Concatenates" which basically means "Join" and allows you to join one or more files into a single file. Finally "Create Par file" means creating a compressed file that includes a collection of portal components and resource files. Note that extensions with digits like .1 or .001a are not supported by Split&Concat. Also, when you split a file, it will be renamed with a double extension eg .zip.zip.

Split&Concat is very powerful and generally effective but some users have found it can't split files, or doesn't complete splitting or joining.

Split&Concat is powerful splitter and joiner tool for Macs and is useful for anyone that doesn't know how to perform such functions using Terminal.


  • Code rewritten for Mac OS 10.6 "Snow Leopard" (and 10.5).
  • Program no longer compatible with 10.4 or earlier due to compiler limitations.
  • Several bug fixes, e.g. "Cannot convert "" to integer" error is fixed.
  • On Snow Leopard in 64 bit mode the program will benefit from the 64 bit "split" and "cat" system commands.
  • Older registration keys will expire with this version


Split&Concat 3.0